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Choosing swimming lessons

What can you do to increase water safety for you or your child? Many swimming pools offer numerous opportunities for children up to four before they can take swimming lessons. After that, swimming lessons are obviously the best way to prevent drowning. Swimming lessons are also available for adults. Which swimming class is best for you or your child, and what should you consider when choosing? We have compiled a range of practical information and tips to make your search easier.

  • Hoe kies ik een zwemles?

    Wat kun je doen om ervoor te zorgen dat je zwemveilig wordt? Voorafgaand aan de zwemles zijn er in het zwembad al diverse mogelijkheden voor kinderen van nul tot vier jaar. Vervolgens is zwemles natuurlijk de beste remedie tegen verdrinking. Ook voor volwassenen. Maar hoe kies ik een zwemles?

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  • The Netherlands, land of water

    The Netherlands has a lot of water; our country is often called “the land of water”. There are many places to swim and enjoy the water, but always make sure it is safe.

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  • National Swimming Diplomas Licence

    Looking for a provider of children’s swimming classes? Make an informed decision In the Netherlands, anyone is allowed to offer swimming classes and issue swimming diplomas. It is not a regulated profession. The government relinquished this task in 1984 and transferred it to the Dutch National Wat...

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Find a swimming lesson provider

In the swimming lesson locator you will find the swimming lesson provider in your area that issues the National Swimming Diplomas. Enter your city to see where the nearest is.