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Keep swimming

Advice: keep swimming regularly

Swimming Diploma C unlocks a lifetime of swimming and fun in the water for your child. This diploma is considered the Dutch National Standard for Water Safety. We recommend continuing to swim regularly after passing the Swim-ABC. Children and adults who do not keep practising risk losing their skills in the water, which puts their safety at risk. Swimming fitness can only be maintained by swimming.

“Go swimming regularly with your family – it’s a fun day out and helps maintain your water safety.”

National Swimming Challenge: how safe are you in the water?

Research shows that you can forget how to swim. The Dutch National Water Safety Council developed the National Swimming Challenge to help prevent that from happening. The challenge tests your water safety level. Participants must complete a fun and challenging course in the pool. After completing the challenge, you will receive a certificate with personalised advice to improve your swimming skills, where necessary. For more information and participating venues, visit



Children are always at increased risk in the water, so always remain vigilant, both in open water and in a swimming pool with lifeguards.