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About NRZ is an initiative of the Dutch National Swimming Safety Council.

The Dutch National Water Safety Council Foundation (NRZ) aims to boost water safety to the highest possible level for the entire Dutch population. Simply put, we want everyone to be able to survive in the water, to eliminate drowning and enable everyone to recreate safely.

How we will achieve our goal:
• Children meet the Dutch National Swimming Diplomas examination requirements and, eventually, the Dutch National Standard for Water Safety (= Swimming Diploma C);
• High-quality swimming class providers, swimming classes and examinations;
• High-quality vocational education and professionals.

Our role in the Dutch National Swimming Diploma Examination Requirements
National regulation of the examination requirements provides clarity. We have drawn up and recorded the national examination requirements in the Dutch National Swimming Diploma Examination Regulations in close cooperation with the swimming sector. The national examination requirements are linked to the Swim-ABC and become tougher for each successive diploma. The required skills are described per diploma. When you obtain your Swimming Diploma C, you will have reached the National Standard for Water Safety. This means you master the skills for a swimming pool that has water attractions and open water without waves or currents, like lakes for recreational purposes, ditches and canals. Swimming Diplomas A and B are intermediate steps.