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The Netherlands, land of water

The Netherlands has a lot of water; our country is often called “the land of water”. There are many places to swim and enjoy the water, but always make sure it is safe.

This video is also available in Arabisch, Dutch, French, Farsi, Tigrinya and Russian.

When is it safe to swim?
Water safety starts with swimming lessons and a swimming diploma. In the Netherlands, boys and girls learn to swim at a young age. But there are options as well for when you are a bit older or an adult. Options for both men and women. You are never too old to learn how to swim. Would you like to learn to swim, or get better at swimming? Use the zwemleslocator (swimming class locator) to find a pool that provides swimming lessons near you

If you are unable to afford swimming lessons, read more here and contact your municipal authority.

Where is it safe to swim?   
The water in swimming pools meets the quality requirements, and you can swim outside in some places in the Netherlands when the weather is warm.

Swimming in a pool
You can swim in swimming pools if you have a swimming diploma. Not everyone has a swimming diploma yet.

  • Learn how to swim and until you can, use the shallow end of the pool, where you can stand.
  • Make sure children wear inflatable armbands. They should be worn on the upper arms. Always keep watch over your children, especially when they are still young. 

Swimming in nature
In the Netherlands, you can swim in natural swimming areas in the summer.

  • Never swim in rivers.
  • Visit to find a swimming area near you. Stay within the boundaries of the buoy line, where it is safer.
  • Never go swimming alone, wear a life jacket if you cannot swim very well, and keep an eye on your children.
  • When swimming in the sea, keep a close eye on the flags and ensure you have solid ground beneath your feet.

Any questions about swimming in the Netherlands, land of water?
Do you have questions about swimming safely in the Netherlands, land of water, or would you like more information? Please contact us.

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