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Swimming lessons for adults

Did you not obtain a swimming diploma as a child? If you are unable to swim but still want to learn, take swimming lessons. Swimming lessons are also available for adults. Numerous swimming lesson providers offer swimming lessons for adults. A swimming instructor can help you learn a variety of skills.

People of all ages must be able to participate in water activities. Swimming, boating, playing and working on your health and fitness in the water are all important in our land of water. Please, do not miss out on that! Don’t let yourself be stuck along the shore because you can’t swim or are afraid to get in the water.

There is an abundance of fun to be had with friends, children and grandchildren on, in and near the water. Being able to swim is important to avoid getting into trouble or drowning in the water.

Ask about adult swimming lessons at a swimming lesson provider holding the Dutch National Swimming Diplomas Licence near you.

If you are interested in learning to swim but cannot afford swimming lessons, contact Volwassenenfonds Sport & Cultuur (Adult Sport & Culture Fund) about your options for financial aid.

Adult swimming lessons: improve your swimming skills

Did you learn to swim long ago but are now unsure of your swimming skills? Do you feel like you have forgotten how to swim or have a fear of water? Take adult swimming lessons at a swimming lesson provider near you.

Practise under the guidance of a swimming instructor to learn and improve the swimming strokes again. Swimming lessons help you quickly become comfortable in the water again. In addition to improving water safety, swimming is good for your fitness level, and you can complete the Swim-ABC. Swimming is healthy and can be continued into old age without risk.

Swimming lessons for adult women

Some swimming lesson providers also offer swimming lessons specifically for women. These are women-only swimming lessons. If you are interested, contact a swimming lesson provider in your area for options.